Insight Survey engaged Ellie and Headway Training over 12 months ago, initially I must say I was uneducated about what we could gain from the services that Ellie offers and had some trepidation.

Well, all I can say is “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW” How Ellie has transformed our business through education, wisdom, care, and good old fashion understanding has been amazing, and we are still learning.

I can’t speak highly enough of Ellie’s approach and what I as the Director of Insight Survey have learned through her knowledge and passion. All the changes we have implemented in our organisation have been successful and appreciated by our staff.

We would like to thank Ellie for all she has done for our team and look forward to the continued collaboration and successes we have achieved with Ellie’s help and can only suggest to those of you considering the engagement of Ellie’s services and what she can provide your team is to say to yourself “I don’t what I don’t know”

Ashley Van Kalken Director Insight Survey PL

We hired Ellie to help us with our internal recruitment for Recruitment Consultants. As a growing company, it's important for us to get the right fit from the start.

Her strategy for us was to create a cultural interview to quickly identify people who would be successful in a new sales environment and help us reach our revenue goals. It was great once we implemented it.

These questions reduced the amount of time spent in fruitless interviews and the people we have hired through this process have proved to be great quality.

I would highly recommend getting Ellie to help you with your internal recruitment process if you want to grow a team of high performers.

—Liam McDaid, Evolution Recruitment Solutions