Are you ready to stop playing small in your business and get out of your own way?




Introducing Soul Ignition.. 


An 6 week reset program for frustrated, bursting-with-promise women in business who have had enough of not living up to their potential. 



Now is your time, are you ready to show the world what you are capable of ?



This is the first step to transforming you and your business into something that lights up and gives you a deep sense of fulfillment. You will journey deep into you, to understand what is holding you back, where you truly want to go plus learn how to start putting yourself first.


And by the end you will have a Divinely guided business plan that will have you brimming with confidence and knowing exactly the steps you need to take to create your dream business. 



Is this you?

  • You have had a business for a while and everyone still sees it as a hobby

  • You have thought about getting a job and know it will have to happen if you don’t see some serious cash coming through soon 

  • Every cell in your body knows you are here to do big things but you are too afraid and let confusion keep you stuck. 

  • Fed up not being able to make your own financial decisions and worrying about money

  • You have something special to share with the world you just don't know how to 

I was all over the place until I created this structure so I know it works and here is why should you trust me. 

I joined Soul Ignition in search of guidance on growing my business. But what I got was a whole lot more than that. Ellie’s framework delivered a complete overhaul of my mindset.


The Soul Ignition course provides a powerful set of tools and guided sessions which shine a light on those limiting beliefs, that critical self-talk and the many unhelpful patterns we tend to repeat.


Ellie’s wholistic process of self-analysis and online sessions gives you the ability to strip back all the stuff that’s holding you back and formulate a plan for moving forward. Ellie brings a wonderful supportive style and sense of humour to her sessions - but be warned she can smell your BS from a mile off! And that’s exactly the kind of person most of us need in our lives.


Thanks to Soul Ignition I have figured out how to get out my own way, and that has made me feel more excited about my business than I have in a long time. 

Steph Johnstone, Copywriter, Storyteller and Content Creator 

Having spent years in business not making the impact I knew I was meant to, I have sat meekly behind my keyboard, too afraid to put myself out there because I didn’t know:

  • What I was meant to do, 

  • Who I was meant to serve or

  • Why I was here on this planet because I had no idea what REALLY lit me up. 

And at some point I had given away my financial independence and was so bloody stuck I was pretty angry a lot of the time from the frustration of not getting where I wanted to. 


    Less than a year ago, I was in limbo. I had somewhere along the way abandoned myself for my family but knew I needed to reclaim myself.  


    I wasn’t being the best version of myself and all those old patterns that I thought I had cleared just kept coming up. 


    I knew if I could just tap into why I was here, I might be able to get clear on what I was meant to do. But then I got a message while I was at a kinesiology session (getting my head out of the way so my body could talk). 


    It was a dead auntie who said that my responsibility in this life is to break the cycle of female oppression in my family. WOW - that is FECKING MASSIVE.


    Who me?  How the feck am I meant to do that?  


    Then I set on my journey which I have turned into the  framework I am going to show you in the Soul Ignition. 


    All great leaders know why they are here, what they need to do and have a plan to make it happen. They never describe themselves as leaders, they just don't know how to not do what they do.  


    That is my aim for you when you take this course;  you’ll ‘Ignite’ your unwavering confidence, create clarity and find structure in how, why and what you are here to do.


    Why should you join me in Soul Ignition?

    • You want to live life on your terms.  You know that unless you reclaim who you are and what you are here to do you are never going to get out of this funk cycle. 


    • You want to stop letting confusion keep you stuck and start being the leader you know you can be.

    • Every cell in your body knows you are here to do big things but you are too afraid and let confusion keep you stuck. 


    • You have had enough of fear and lack of confidence dictating the way you operate in life and are ready to free yourself to be the best version of yourself.  You want to be a positive example to your family of what is possible.


    Here is what is involved......

    • Complete Your Reality Check 

      It is hard to move on when you don't know where you are.  In this section we take a deep dive into what has gotten you to this point in your life. You start to break free from your 'Shitty Limits' and start to uncover your potential. 

    • Open The Window To Your Soul 

      In this section we look deep into your consciousness to start to uncover your own unique version of 'leader'.  You will dive into your Soul Guidance System to unlock your intuitive ability to take inspired action and build your business from a place of wholeness and alignment. 

      You will re-write your unconscious contracts so that you can 'Play Big' without shame or guilt. 

      You will also awaken your money magnetism 

    • Create Your Divine Business Blueprint

      This is where you will connect to your business in a way that is truly your own.  The new version of your business will be guided by your deepest knowing so that it is fully aligned with you and your mission in this life. 

      You will be able to combine your creativity and logic to create a step-by-step plan to turn it into reality.

      You will build success habits to create consistent results.

      As you grow in confidence, you will also activate your courage stores to help you stay ahead of the game. 

    • Training Portal - Worth $1500

      26 lessons to uncover who you are, release blockages, build resources and find out what you are capable of in our 24/7 Access to the training portal.  Complete the lessons in your own time and your own pace. You will have life-time access.  


    • Email Support - Worth $500

      Got questions as you progress through the content - drop us an email and we will respond with 24 hours to ensure you keep up momentum.


    • Fast Action Bonus Worth $500

      For the first 10 people who have jump in quickly, you will receive One, 60 minute private sessions with Ellie plus access to valuable tools and resources to add to your toolbox.


    TOTAL VALUE OF $2500



    • Stopped you going round in circles and gave you greater clarity on where you need to take your business and how to do it  -Would it be worth it?
    • Stopped you from doubting yourself and increased your confidence and helped you believe in your ability to do great things - Would it be worth it? 
    • Connected you deeply to your purpose and made you feel excited by what you can achieve in your business - Would it be worth it?

    What previous students have to say....

    It blew me away in terms of my expectations.  I was breaking through to levels of empowerment I'd never experienced

    Lara Jane Steward

    Singer-Song Writer, Entreprenuer 

    I loved the way you guide and how much I learned.  The tools I have now are invaluable, they work in every facet of my life.

    Sellina Baker

    Essentially Raw

    You will be pleased to hear I have doubled my class bookings since Soul Ignition...Record numbers in my  classes - yay!!

    Alecia Maree Staines

    Alecia Staines - Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga and Fertility Body work

    Are you ready to take control back? 


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